23 de junho de 2017

Well, I think identity for all of us is this perpetual process. And it’s somewhat like constantly clearing out and rearranging an attic. And it’s as much about throwing out all the furniture and trinkets that no longer serve us as bringing in new ones. And in that sense, it’s just as important to continue defining who we are as to continue eliminating who we are not. 

20 de junho de 2017

There is no shortcut for the conquest of meaning. And ultimately, it is meaning that we seek to give to our lives.
 And I’m very guided by this desire to counter that in myself because I am, like everybody else, a product of my time and my culture. And I remember, there’s a really beautiful commencement address that Adrienne Rich gave in 1977 in which she said that an education is not something that you get but something that you claim. And I think that’s very much true of knowledge itself. The reason we’re so increasingly intolerant of long articles and why we skim them, why we skip forward even in a short video that reduces a 300-page book into a three-minute animation — even in that we skip forward — is that we’ve been infected with this kind of pathological impatience that makes us want to have the knowledge but not do the work of claiming it. I mean, the true material of knowledge is meaning. And the meaningful is the opposite of the trivial. And the only thing that we should have gleaned by skimming and skipping forward is really trivia. And the only way to glean knowledge is contemplation. And the road to that is time. There’s nothing else. It’s just time.
Whereas the biological synchrony that emerges between connected brains and bodies may be comparable no matter who the other person may be, the triggers for your micro-moments of love can be wholly different with intimates. The hallmark feature of intimacy is mutual responsiveness, that reassuring sense that you and your soul mate — or you and your best friend — really ‘get’ each other. This means that you come to your interactions with a well-developed understanding of each other’s inner workings, and you use that privileged knowledge thoughtfully, for each other’s benefit. Intimacy is that safe and comforting feeling you get when you can bask in the knowledge that this other person truly understands and appreciates you. You can relax in this person’s presence and let your guard down. Your mutual sense of trust, perhaps reinforced by your commitments of loyalty to each other, allows each of you to be more open with each other than either of you would be elsewhere.


19 de junho de 2017

What’s a strategy to keep focused?
I really try to ask myself the question of nine. Will this matter in nine minutes, nine hours, nine days, nine weeks, nine months or nine years? If it will truly matter for all of those, pay attention to it. If it isn’t going to matter in nine minutes, nine hours or nine days from now, you need to not pay attention to it.
I think it’s extremely easy to become distracted by noise, by things that might upset us or set us off track. It gives us this intrinsic feeling that I have to react to this. This concept of nine has kept me on track from losing focus on the things that truly matter. That way you can respond when you need to, but you don’t spend your time reacting to things that are not going to have any importance in a short period of time from now.

17 de junho de 2017

Chegou! O desconforto do conforto. Uma das sensações que vim a adorar na minha vida. O Tédio!

Como é difícil gostar do Tédio nesta vida-luta que nos vendem, cheia de "desafios", "sacrificios", "stresses", "provas a superar".

Nesta vida que tem que ser uma escalada para chegar a sei lá que lugar.
Ah que se lixem os Kilimanjaros a conquistar.
Eu quero é aconchegar-me ao Tédio e decorá-lo de flores, tipo altar. Porque infelizmente ele há-de passar....E só quando olharmos para ele de longe, é que vamos perceber que o Tédio era a boa da felicidade, de graça e cheia de graça, bem à mão de semear.

Que ele nunca se me acabe.
Natalie Cole > avalon

16 de junho de 2017

chet faker melt

Oh, my loneliness will take no part in this
Oh, Oh, Overdose
Wasting my time with you, no
This only way to sunshine in my watch
Wasting my time with you, stop
I'll be erasing my mind, what you've got
Too much nerve coming into here
Turning loose and make a murder fear
God damn, boy, you so hot
It's no excuse to make my pole stop

I feel very rich when I have time to do what I love and very poor when I get a regular paycheck and no time to do it. Think of it. Employers pay salaries for time. That is the basic commodity that human beings have that is valuable.
Tenho 30 anos. #Nuncanavida que a pequena-Mami alguma vez imaginou que ia ser assim quando fosse grande! Agora estava casada, com filhos e era professora de história de arte, tudo certinho e seguro. Mas a estrada guinou praqui e prali e mandou-me para onde estou! Não tenham pena das coisas que falham, é o gps universo a "recalcular" o caminho.  E se derem por vocês em sítios onde não estão bem, mandem o gps à fava e guiem-se vocês. A vida é um restaurante caro e nós é que pagamos a conta, por isso, peçam o prato que realmente querem comer.

15 de junho de 2017

There will always be an endless list of chores to complete and work to do, and a culture of relentless productivity tells us to get to it right away and feel terribly guilty about any time wasted. But the truth is, a life spent dutifully responding to emails is a dull one indeed. And “wasted” time is, in fact, highly fulfilling and necessary.

14 de junho de 2017

A rather unusual picture: the potential for a truly balanced temperament and a capacity to adapt to life with the combined resources of realism, imagination, a clear mind and a sympathetic heart.  
S’io credesse che mia risposta fosse 
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo, 
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse. 
Ma percioche giammai di questo fondo 
Non torno vivo alcun, s’i’odo il vero, 
Senza tema d’infamia ti rispondo.

13 de junho de 2017

the self is never to be found, but must be created, not the happy accident of passivity, but the product of a thousand actions, large and small, conscious or unconscious, performed not “away from it all,” but in the face of “it all,” for better or for worse, in work and leisure rather than in free time.

12 de junho de 2017

No one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life,” 30-year-old Nietzsche wrote.